pub fn general_mat_mul<A, S1, S2, S3>(
    alpha: A,
    a: &ArrayBase<S1, Dim<[usize; 2]>>,
    b: &ArrayBase<S2, Dim<[usize; 2]>>,
    beta: A,
    c: &mut ArrayBase<S3, Dim<[usize; 2]>>
) where
    S1: Data<Elem = A>,
    S2: Data<Elem = A>,
    S3: DataMut<Elem = A>,
    A: LinalgScalar
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General matrix-matrix multiplication.

Compute C ← α A B + β C

The array shapes must agree in the way that if a is M × N, then b is N × K and c is M × K.

Panics if array shapes are not compatible
Note: If enabled, uses blas gemm for elements of f32, f64 when memory layout allows. The default matrixmultiply backend is otherwise used for f32, f64 for all memory layouts.