pub type RawArrayViewMut<A, D> = ArrayBase<RawViewRepr<*mut A>, D>;
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A mutable array view without a lifetime.

This is similar to ArrayViewMut but does not carry any lifetime or ownership information, and its data cannot be read/written without an unsafe conversion into an ArrayViewMut. The relationship between RawArrayViewMut and ArrayViewMut is somewhat analogous to the relationship between *mut T and &mut T, but RawArrayViewMut has additional requirements that *mut T does not, such as non-nullness.

The RawArrayViewMut<A, D> is parameterized by A for the element type and D for the dimensionality.

Raw array views have all the methods of an array (see ArrayBase).

See also RawArrayView.


You can’t use this type with an arbitrary raw pointer; see from_shape_ptr for details.