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The function rextendr::document() updates the package documentation for an R package that uses extendr code, taking into account any changes that were made in the Rust code. It is a wrapper for devtools::document(), and it executes extendr-specific routines before calling devtools::document(). Specifically, it ensures that Rust code is recompiled (when necessary) and that up-to-date R wrappers are generated before regenerating the package documentation.


document(pkg = ".", quiet = FALSE, roclets = NULL)



The package to use, can be a file path to the package or a package object. See as.package() for more information.


if TRUE suppresses output from this function.


Character vector of roclet names to use with package. The default, NULL, uses the roxygen roclets option, which defaults to c("collate", "namespace", "rd").


No return value, called for side effects.