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rextendr (development version)

  • use_extendr() and document() now set the SystemRequirements field of the DESCRIPTION file to Cargo (rustc package manager) if the field is empty (#298).
  • use_extendr() gets a new ability to overwrite existing rextendr templates (#292).
  • use_extendr() sets publish = false in the [package] section of the Cargo.toml (#297).

rextendr 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-05-30

  • Ilia Kosenkov is now the official maintainer.

  • Josiah Parry is now a contributor.

  • Support Rtools43 (#231).

  • rextendr has migrated to the use of cli for raising errors and warnings.

  • Developer note: new helper function local_quiet_cli() introduced in R/utils.R to simplify silencing cli output.

New features

  • A new function rust_sitrep() that prints out a short report on the currently installed Rust toolchain (#274).

  • A new function write_license_note() to generate LICENSE.note file from Cargo.toml (#271).

  • extendr_fn_options parameter of rust_source() controls what type of options are emitted to #[extendr()] attribute (#252).

  • use_dev_extendr flag makes rust_source() family of functions compile code using development version of extendr. Development configuration is stored as an option named rextendr.extendr_dev_deps (#251).

  • features parameter of rust_source() now correctly enables features in extendr-api and references required crates. features not available in release version of extendr raises a warning (#249).

  • A <pkg_name>-win.def file containing DLL exports is created by rextendr::use_extendr(). It is used during linking phase on Windows and solves the problem of compiling very large projects, such as polars (#212)

  • Support extendr macro with options (#128).

  • rust_source() got features argument to specify Cargo features to activate (#140).

  • rextendr::document() now sets the envvars that devtools::document() sets, e.g. NOT_CRAN (#135).

rextendr 0.2.0

CRAN release: 2021-06-15

First official release.