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to_toml() can be used to build Cargo.toml. The cargo manifest can be represented in terms of R objects, allowing limited validation and syntax verification. This function converts manifests written using R objects into toml representation, applying basic formatting, which is ideal for generating cargo manifests at runtime.


to_toml(..., .str_as_literal = TRUE, .format_int = "%d", .format_dbl = "%g")



A list from which toml is constructed. Supports nesting and tidy evaluation.


Logical indicating whether to treat strings as literal (single quotes no escapes) or basic (escaping some sequences) ones. Default is TRUE.

.format_int, .format_dbl

Character scalar describing number formatting. Compatible with sprintf.


A character vector, each element corresponds to one line of the resulting output.


# Produces [workspace] with no children
to_toml(workspace = )
#> [workspace]

to_toml(patch.crates_io = list(`extendr-api` = list(git = "git-ref")))
#> [patch.crates_io]
#> extendr-api = { git = 'git-ref' }

# Single-element arrays are distinguished from scalars
# using explicitly set `dim`
to_toml(lib = list(`crate-type` = array("cdylib", 1)))
#> [lib]
#> crate-type = [ 'cdylib' ]