pub trait MultiSliceArg<'a, A, D> where
    A: 'a,
    D: Dimension
{ type Output; fn multi_slice_move(
        view: ArrayBase<ViewRepr<&'a mut A>, D>
    ) -> Self::Output; fn __private__(&self) -> PrivateMarker; }
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Slicing information describing multiple mutable, disjoint slices.

It’s unfortunate that we need 'a and A to be parameters of the trait, but they’re necessary until Rust supports generic associated types.

Associated Types

The type of the slices created by .multi_slice_move().

Required methods

Split the view into multiple disjoint slices.

Panics if performing any individual slice panics or if the slices are not disjoint (i.e. if they intersect).

This trait is private to implement; this method exists to make it impossible to implement outside the crate.

Implementations on Foreign Types