pub unsafe trait SliceArg<D>: AsRef<[SliceInfoElem]> where
    D: Dimension
{ type OutDim: Dimension; fn in_ndim(&self) -> usize; fn out_ndim(&self) -> usize; fn __private__(&self) -> PrivateMarker; }
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A type that can slice an array of dimension D.

This trait is unsafe to implement because the implementation must ensure that D, Self::OutDim, self.in_dim(), and self.out_ndim() are consistent with the &[SliceInfoElem] returned by self.as_ref() and that self.as_ref() always returns the same value when called multiple times.

Associated Types

Dimensionality of the output array.

Required methods

Returns the number of axes in the input array.

Returns the number of axes in the output array.

This trait is private to implement; this method exists to make it impossible to implement outside the crate.

Implementations on Foreign Types