pub trait AltLogicalImpl: AltrepImpl {
    fn elt(&self, _index: usize) -> Rbool;

    fn tot_min_max_nas(&self) -> (i64, i32, i32, usize, usize) { ... }
fn get_region(&self, index: usize, data: &mut [Rbool]) -> usize { ... }
fn is_sorted(&self) -> Rbool { ... }
fn no_na(&self) -> bool { ... }
fn sum(&self, remove_nas: bool) -> Robj { ... } }

Required methods

Get a single element from this vector.

Provided methods

Get a multiple elements from this vector.

Return TRUE if this vector is sorted, FALSE if not and Rbool::na() if unknown.

Return true if this vector does not contain NAs.

Return the sum of the elements in this vector. If remove_nas is true, skip and NA values.