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Wrappers are lightweight proxies for references to R datatypes. They do not contain an Robj (see array.rs for an example of this).


pub use self::rstr::Rstr;
pub use altrep::AltComplexImpl;
pub use altrep::AltIntegerImpl;
pub use altrep::AltLogicalImpl;
pub use altrep::AltRawImpl;
pub use altrep::AltRealImpl;
pub use altrep::AltStringImpl;
pub use altrep::Altrep;
pub use altrep::AltrepImpl;
pub use complexes::Complexes;
pub use dataframe::Dataframe;
pub use dataframe::IntoDataFrameRow;
pub use doubles::Doubles;
pub use environment::EnvIter;
pub use environment::Environment;
pub use expr::Expressions;
pub use externalptr::ExternalPtr;
pub use function::Function;
pub use integers::Integers;
pub use lang::Language;
pub use list::FromList;
pub use list::List;
pub use list::ListIter;
pub use logicals::Logicals;
pub use matrix::MatrixConversions;
pub use matrix::RArray;
pub use matrix::RColumn;
pub use matrix::RMatrix;
pub use matrix::RMatrix3D;
pub use nullable::Nullable;
pub use pairlist::Pairlist;
pub use pairlist::PairlistIter;
pub use primitive::Primitive;
pub use promise::Promise;
pub use raw::Raw;
pub use s4::S4;
pub use strings::Strings;
pub use symbol::Symbol;


Wrappers for matrices with deferred arithmetic.

A pairlist is a linked list of values with optional symbol tags.

S4 class support.